NetGalley Books I Just Downloaded

One perk of being a Penguin Teen Partner is getting access to their titles early, usually through NetGalley, which means I get quite a few books to read ahead of time. I love being able to read the books early and help promote them come release day. Most of the ARC reviews I post are from books I read through NetGalley and without it, I wouldn’t have been given the chance to read and review them early. If you haven’t check out NetGalley yet, I highly recommend it!

So, here are some of the most recently downloaded titles I received from Penguin Teen through NetGalley!

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Sept ’21 TBR

Hey everyone! Since it’s the end of the month, I’m back again with my TBR for next month and there are some fun ones on the list!

September is an interesting month because while I have some ARCs I need to read, it is way more manageable than August. August and October are my busiest ARC months, so September is my break from the craziness. So without further ado, here are some of the books I want to read in September!

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Fall/Winter 2021 Titles I’m Excited For!

As we enter into August, fall and winter titles are beginning to pop up and my TBR grows exponentially longer! So I decided to make a list of some of the books publishing from September – December 2021 that I am really excited for!

I tried to choose my top books, but there are so many others, especially in September and October, that I couldn’t include because I wasn’t trying to have 50+ books on this list lol So if you don’t see your favorite, it’s probably on my list, but feel free to leave a comment if you think I’ll like it!

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July ’21 TBR

It’s the end of the month, which means I have to think about what I’m going to read next month. This TBR was actually really hard! I’ve noticed my motivation to read has been slipping, so I had to balance what I need to read this month and what I want to read. And I think I’ve found a good balance.

Here’s what I’m planning to read in July 2021!

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May ’21 TBR

Another month, another TBR! May seems to be the moving month for me and while I want to get ahead of my TBR, I need to be realistic. So this month, while I’m setting a goal to read certain books, I’m also anticipating I might read nothing. So here are some books I want to read this month and I’m going to try to get through all of them! Wish me luck.

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Mar ’21 Wrap Up

It’s April 1st and while I’m not big into pranks and stuff, I really did play myself with reading this month. I was on track to finish all the books I wanted to read for this month, but life did not want me to finish reading them. Oh well, here’s what I read for March and if you want to see what I plan to read in April, check out my TBR here!

I also linked all of the reviews that are posted for these books, so if you want to read my thoughts, check out the reviews below!

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Apr ’21 TBR

Every time I think I’m going to finish my TBR and have time to read extra books, it doesn’t happen. In March, I was halfway through the month and was doing so well, then our offer was accepted on a house and I had zero time and motivation to read.

So for April, even though there are so many books I want to put down on my TBR, I’m sticking with nine. Three are for blog tours, five are all NetGalley books I need to read and review, and one is a TBR book my friends are dying for me to read. If I have extra time available, I am absolutely reading other books as well, but for now I’m going to be realistic. Most likely I’ll be busy with packing and moving and unpacking, so it’s better to keep my expectations low.

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Mar ’21 Mid-Month Update

I feel like this year is just flying by. We’re already almost three months into the year, we’ve hit the 1 year mark since the pandemic began (for my state), and it’s already the middle of March! Time is absolutely flying. So to slow things down a little, here’s a mid-month update on what I read, what I’m reading, and what I want to read for the rest of March!

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Mar ‘21 TBR

It feels so weird to post my TBR for next month on the 26th, but since there’s only two more days of February, I think it has to go up early. 

I’m so proud of how much I read last month, I almost got caught up on my ARC TBR (which is the first time I can say this in months) so not much is being carried over into March thankfully. Here’s what I plan to read in March 2021. 

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February ’21 Releases I’m DYING to Read!

It’s almost February (which is unreal to me because I still feel like it’s March 2020) so it’s time to show off the February releases I’m DYING to read!

There are so many books coming out in February, so I had to choose the ones I’m DYING for – so if you don’t see your most anticipated read, it’s probably on my list! But feel free to let me know which book you’re most excited for!

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Books I’m Buying for Black Friday

Barnes & Noble has a Black Friday sale every year and has special signed books they put on sale! I usually wake up early and go with my friend Emma so we can buy the books once the stores opens. Last year they changed it to an entire weekend event (probably to avoid morning crowd) and that means it’s a little more relaxed. I’m still probably going to call and ask to put books on hold if possible and make my way there tomorrow! Or on my birthday.

Here are some books I’m planning on buying for the Black Friday sale!

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Exploring My Kindle TBR

Every so often I go on my kindle and cry at how many free books i’ve downloaded, whether through NetGalley or Amazon sales, that I haven’t read! Plus all the ones that I did pay for and also haven’t read.

Someone needs to take my credit card away from me because I clearly have no self control. I guess the only thing I can do is expose myself as the addict I am – so let’s explore my kindle TBR!

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Exposing My TBR Shelf

Since moving into my apartment, I have acquired three new bookshelves, one in my bedroom and two in my guest room. The shelf in my bedroom serves as my TBR shelf – all of the physical books that I haven’t read yet and need to. No, this does not include the 500 or so books at my parents house that I may or may not have read yet, but we’re just going to ignore those . . .

So I thought, why not expose my TBR shelf?

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October 2020 TBR

September was an okay month reading wise, but a few books have to be carried over in order for me to finish everything like I need to. I have a feeling some books from October will carry over into November, but if I’m able to get through all of these I would be so happy!

I have a few book tour books, some NetGalley reads, and 

Here is my current October TBR. 

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August 2020 TBR

I have a very optimistic TBR for August. Three of these books I need to read in order to read the sequels, which either come out in September. The other eight books are books that come out in August/September that I need to read. And these aren’t even all of the September releases. I left three end of September releases for later and I’ll just have to read and get through at the beginning of next month.

42133479. sx318     48929807    28117989. sy475

32492115. sy475     52751442    44012880

49032427    30174523. sy475     36575823

39863498    50892338

I don’t know if I’ve had a TBR of more than nine books before, so this should be interesting. The last three can always be read beginning of September if it comes down to that, but I want to try and get these read as soon as possible.

I ended up with a longer TBR for August due to one thing – the Penguin Teen Influencer program. I signed up and got in (yay!) but when I requested the books I wanted, I didn’t think I would get ALL of them. I requested three books for each month, August, September, and October. And in one afternoon received six of those nine books in my inbox. It was awesome yet terrifying.

See, I’m used to requesting more than normal because I’m usually declined for like 80-90% of them, so I didn’t expect to have six additional books fall into my lap. Plus I received Legendborn from the publisher and won Traitor in a giveaway. Ha ha, I’m freaking out.

What’s your August TBR looking like?






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July 2020 TBR

June was a good reading month for me! Although I didn’t necessarily follow my intended TBR. I’ve put Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare on my TBR for the past three months and it just hasn’t happened. I find myself getting approved or buddy reading other books, so it will have to wait for now.

I only ended up reading half of the books I wanted to read and one of those books ended up on this months TBR. I totally ignored Touch of Gold and Curse of Gold by Annie Sullivan, which I shouldn’t do. I do need to read those soon. Maybe I’ll try to fit at least Touch of Gold into this month’s TBR so I can read Curse of Gold before release.

Here’s my TBR for July 2020:

48675479    43785478. sy475     40211753. sy475

48574106. sy475     44244775    32718027

38892853. sy475     36510404. sy475    35702241

Most of these are books I received for review or I need to read in order to review other books. A Wicked Magic is for a book tour, They Wish They Were Us is a buddy read, Warmaidens, Ignite the Sun, and Hush are all NetGalley reviews I need to read. I hope I can get through all of these and stick to my TBR but we’ll see. I tend to abandon my TBR apparently.

But, I still want to continue my reading streak and get all of these books (and then some) read before the end of July!

What are some books on your TBR? Any you’ve been putting off and want to get to?






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June 2020 Mid-Month Update

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So far, I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve read this month! Some of these books I started at the end of May and finished in the beginning of June, but I’m counting them! My goal is to read eight books this month and so far, I’ve done really well and I’ll definitely going to meet that goal. Let’s just hope I continue reading such amazing stories for the rest of this month.

What I read

45860336    50158128. sx318 sy475     52748041. sx318 sy475     grave

bloodleaf   greythorne     52746973. sx318 sy475

What I’m reading

42754035. sy475   45184250

What I plan to read

45892228     40516960     40211753. sy475     36575823

32718027     17699853

I’m surprised I am able to read so much this month. Before moving in I thought I would have no time to read and would be lucky to get through 2 books a week. But it looks like I’m getting through a book about every other day or so, which is awesome! I hope to continue to have as much reading time going forward and hopefully, you’ll be seeing reviews of these books soon!

What books are you currently reading? Are you close to your goal for this month?






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June 2020 TBR

May was an amazing reading month for me! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to read that much ever again, especially since I’m moving!

Happy Celebration GIF by Steve Harvey TV - Find & Share on GIPHY

My reading habits may be on a downward trend from there, but I’m hopeful that I can get through at least five books in June. Here are the eight books that I want to read this month, if all goes well. Two of these are NetGalley books that I need to get through. Two are ARCs I received in a trade that I want to read. And the rest are for fun!

52748041. sx318 sy475       36683940

40204193. sy475       40516960

36575823       42281659. sy475

32718027       17699853

It feels good to include some books that I want to read for fun rather than an “obligation” although, can you really call it that? It’s still so much fun! I added City of Brass on there because I won the third book so I need to get reading! I don’t currently own the second book so I’m not sure if I’m going to order a physical copy or get an e-copy yet. Either way, I’m finally reading this series.

I’m so nervous to move! By the time this post goes up I’ll be moving TOMORROW!!! One thing I am most worried about is losing my reading/posting motivation, so if anyone has any recommendations for that, I would greatly appreciate them!

I’m also worried that my writing habits will decrease too. I haven’t written a word in the past week and with the stress of moving, it may be a whole month before I can even sit down and write again. But I’ll try to write as much as possible before moving day.

What are some books you’re looking forward to reading in June? Any June releases you’re especially excited for?




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