OwlCrate July Box


Today I am going to be reviewing the July OwlCrate Strange and Unusual Box. I have received OwlCrate boxes for almost two years now and with any subscription box there are going to be months you LOVE and months you HATE. This was neither.

I kinda liked this box: it was amazing, but it wasn’t horrible.

For one, I liked only about half of the accessories:

FullSizeRender-1.jpeg               IMG_2890.jpeg IMG_2889.jpeg













The accessories I loved were the painted Whale print, skull push pins, Luna Lovegood sticker, and Ouija mints! Personally, I thought all of these were adorable and somewhat useful (except for the print, which I just thought was gorgeous). I’m so excited to use the skull push pins, once I have my own place and a cork board. (I swear these will not sit on my shelf and get dusty!!) I’m tempted to frame the whale print or hang it somewhere; it’s too pretty not to show off! And honestly, I will most likely end up eating all of the mints in a week and be left with a cute container that I can use for other things! (Yay!!)

On the other hand, some of the accessories I got I either didn’t like, want, or need: and I am currently selling them.
























While I adore the wallet, it is not a practical thing for me to use and therefore would end up sitting on my shelf for a long time, so it is just easier to sell it. The other items, specifically the Peculiar flag and the Eleven funko, I’m not part of the fandom, so I thought selling them to people that would actually want them is better than having it collect dust on my shelf. Lastly, I have so many OwlCrate pins that I don’t need the skull one and would prefer to not have it (again) collect dust on my shelf.

While I loved the accessories, just practicality wise, or fandom wise, some of these items will be re-homed and hopefully I can get some of my money back!

Finally! The book for this month was (drum roll please!):


As you guys have seen, I have already read this book and I was super excited to see I got an exclusive cover of it! And it’s signed by all three authors! I love the change in cover colors from blue and yellow to purple and green; it definitely gives me ghostly vibes, much more than the original.

Overall, I thought this box was so cute and spooky, even if I am going to end up getting rid of some of the items. I honestly love OwlCrate, and even their “worst” boxes are still amazing! I would give this box star.png star.png star.png.5 stars and the company  star.png star.png star.png star.png star.png stars!!!

If you’re interested in learning more about OwlCrate, check out their website here:







If you love YA or any book subscription boxes, there are so many to choose from! I will shout out LitJoy Crate because their boxes look amazing and their merch is fantastic!