Books Amazon Made Me Buy: Part III

It’s been eight months since the last time I’ve done this and that’s enough time to rack up some books on Amazon! I love taking part in free or very cheap e-book deals and often times, that means I end up with a lot of e-books on my kindle. Since it’s been a while, I thought I would show you some of the books that Amazon made me buy!

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Books Amazon Made Me Buy

I own a kindle so sometimes I like to browse through the free or $0.99 books to see what there is. And it’s usually a lot. I’m also subscribed to the BookBub email, so I get alerts on kindle deals every day – which makes it even harder to resist books when they show up for free in my email. 

Here are some of the more recent books Amazon made me buy!

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Exploring My Kindle TBR

Every so often I go on my kindle and cry at how many free books i’ve downloaded, whether through NetGalley or Amazon sales, that I haven’t read! Plus all the ones that I did pay for and also haven’t read.

Someone needs to take my credit card away from me because I clearly have no self control. I guess the only thing I can do is expose myself as the addict I am – so let’s explore my kindle TBR!

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