Book Tag: What’s On My Bookshelf?

I thought I had a post scheduled for today, but I didn’t. This was a tag sitting in my drafts that is mostly completed, so I guess this will have to do! Feel free to tag me in your responses if you decide to do this tag. 

Tag was found on Flora’s Musings but original post is from Sajiid @ Books Are My Social Life 

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Exposing My TBR Shelf

Since moving into my apartment, I have acquired three new bookshelves, one in my bedroom and two in my guest room. The shelf in my bedroom serves as my TBR shelf – all of the physical books that I haven’t read yet and need to. No, this does not include the 500 or so books at my parents house that I may or may not have read yet, but we’re just going to ignore those . . .

So I thought, why not expose my TBR shelf?

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