Fall/Winter 2021 Titles I’m Excited For!

As we enter into August, fall and winter titles are beginning to pop up and my TBR grows exponentially longer! So I decided to make a list of some of the books publishing from September – December 2021 that I am really excited for!

I tried to choose my top books, but there are so many others, especially in September and October, that I couldn’t include because I wasn’t trying to have 50+ books on this list lol So if you don’t see your favorite, it’s probably on my list, but feel free to leave a comment if you think I’ll like it!

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Books I’m Buying for Black Friday

Barnes & Noble has a Black Friday sale every year and has special signed books they put on sale! I usually wake up early and go with my friend Emma so we can buy the books once the stores opens. Last year they changed it to an entire weekend event (probably to avoid morning crowd) and that means it’s a little more relaxed. I’m still probably going to call and ask to put books on hold if possible and make my way there tomorrow! Or on my birthday.

Here are some books I’m planning on buying for the Black Friday sale!

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