Aug ’21 Mid-Month Update

I’m a little late for my mid-month update, but oh well, I have some updates to share and it’s close enough!

I’ve somehow managed to be on track/a little ahead of my TBR and I’m actually shocked. I have been reading some really good books and trying to prevent myself from getting into a horrible slump, so I have been racing through certain books. Fingers crossed I can actually make it out of my TBR alive!


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I have been reading Igniting Darkness since the end of last month and now, Cazadora is stuck in that same limbo. I loved Lobizona, but for some reason, Cazadora is just not as enjoyable for me as the first book. Maybe it’s because I feel so lost in the work, or maybe I’m just not vibing with the story? I’m not sure. Either way, I’m letting myself read little bits and pieces as I go along, because forcing myself to sit down and finish this book in one shot might actually put me in a slump.

As for Dark and Shallow Lies, I just started it yesterday and didn’t get very far, but I’m interested in what’s going on. I’m only about 50 or so pages in, but I have a feeling I’m not going to take very long with this book, I really like it!

Once I finish those, I will be moving on to the other books on my TBR! I actually added two extra books, How We Fall Apart and Vampires Never Get Old, because I might be able to get to them this month. If I can read fast enough.

How’s your reading going this month? Any books you’ve loved so far or are excited to get to?


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