The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag

Good morning and happy Friday! I’m so excited for the weekend because I have absolutely nothing planned and I could use the two rest days. I was really struggling with what to write for today until I stumbled across this book tag and knew that this is the one I wanted to do! So lets start this weekend off right with The Fantasy Tropes Book Tag!


  • Mention the creator ( One’s Peculiar )
  • Answer the questions
  • Tag as many people as you like

1 – The Lost Princess – A book/series you lost interest in halfway through.

There are a lot of books I DNFed, for various reasons, but, funny enough, I originally DNFed The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi. I got bored 100 pages into it, and I wasn’t sure why this book was so hyped up. It felt like nothing was happening and I put it down. It wasn’t until I went back a year later to try and read it again that I ended up loving it!

2 – The Knight in Shining Armour – A hyped book/series you were swept up by.

Recently, From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout. My friends had been begging me to read these books and I pushed it off or just didn’t have time. Well, I read them. And now I’m currently 60% through A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and will most likely order the next book because I’m obsessed. This is going to be a problem lol

3 – The Wise Old Wizard – An author who amazes you with his/her writing.

V.E. Schwab/Victoria Schwab. I have loved everything this woman writes and no matter the genre or the targeted age group, everything she writes is amazing. She’s an auto-buy author and has been for a while now. I’m currently looking at NetGalley and begging them to grant me an ARC of her next book, Gallant.

4 – The Maiden in Distress – An undervalued character you wished had a bigger storyline.

Ironically, this character is now getting their own book series, but Tycho from A Curse so Dark and Lonely. I love Tycho, he’s just so adorable and sweet. I was really hoping we would get more of him in A Vow so Bold and Deadly and while we did, it wasn’t enough for me. But, now we’re getting an entire book series surrounding him and two new characters and I’m so excited!!!

5 – The Magical Sword –  A magical item/ability you wish authors used less.

I’m going to consider this a magical ability, but I hate it when a character “just knows” when something is wrong or doesn’t feel right. No explanations, no reasoning – they just “know”. It’s a cop out in my opinion and it usually means the author couldn’t figure out any other way they avoided danger by normal reasons and had to come up with some supernatural/magical reason they just knew that something was going on! It’s annoying and, in my opinion, bad writing.

6 – The Mindless Villain – A phrase you cannot help but roll your eyes at.

Any phrase surrounding “But I’m just a normal person! I couldn’t be the secret key to this entire story!” Or “I may be just a simple person, but I know what I need to do!” – It’s so cheesy and I hate it! I will forever roll my eyes at that.

7 – The Untamed Dragon – A magical creature you wish you had as a pet.

A dragon would be a really awesome pet, though I’m not sure where I would keep it. Unless it would just keep itself somewhere? The logistics are a bit tricky. If I couldn’t have a dragon, I would totally go for a talking animal. I think it would be so cool to have a pet that can communicate through speech and tell me what they want, when they want it, instead of having to guess.

8 – The Chosen One – A book/series you will always root for.

There’s too many to count! There are so many books and series that I love so much and will always recommend to people. I would say maybe A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, but I also recommend Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas a lot. And Soulswift by Megan Bannen is absolutely amazing. But I just read These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan, which is incredible! There’s so many I recommend, sorry!

I hope you guys liked this tag! I thought it was a lot of fun and some of these were actually kind of hard. I really had to think through my answers because either everything came to mind or absolutely nothing did.

I’m not going to tag anyone to do this, but if you decide to do this tag, feel free to tag me so I can see your answers!


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