What I’m Currently Reading and Watching: Part VII

I feel like I haven’t given an update on this in a WHILE, so today, we’re starting this week off nice and chill with a reading and watching update!

This past weekend has been hectic with friends staying over and meeting more friends for dinner the next day. I also dropped some serious cash entertaining friends and my poor wallet is crying. Anyone else cringe seeing their check after a night out or after planning one for friends?

I also managed to finish the book I was reading, Ruinsong, and the review should be up for that tomorrow! But for now, here’s what I’m currently reading and watching!


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I know, I FINALLY started reading From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout! I’ve been saying I was going to pick up this book and read it for literally months and the time has finally come. I’m honestly so nervous because I’ve seen plenty of reviews from people who have said this book was absolutely devastating and that they are dying for the next book in the series. I have the second book already on hand, but if I’m obsessed, and I get through the third book, I don’t know what I’m going to do…

I also am going to start Kind Of Sort Of Fine by Spencer Hall because it’s definitely more of a fluffy read and while it does discuss more serious topics, I think it will be a nice break if I need it. Genre changes are the best way to take a break and recharge before an intense book or series! Wish me luck!


Pin on movies/TV    iCarly (TV Series 2007–2012) - IMDb    In the Heights - Dolby

Currently, I’ve been hoping between two different TV shows: Rake, which is on Netflix, and iCarly, also on Netflix. I also sometimes will put on Modern Family, on Hulu, but I’ve noticed I’ve been watching it less and less. The later seasons just aren’t holding my attention as well as the original seasons and I’m getting bored. Who knows if I’ll ever finish it.

My parents actually introduced me to the show Rake while on vacation and I love it. It’s basically about an Australian lawyer who’s a terrible, awful person and following along in his life as he gets himself into trouble and works with different clients/cases. It’s dramatic and really funny and I’ve been enjoying it!

On the flip side, when I want something more mindless and nostalgic, I’ve been rewatching iCarly in anticipation for the reboot. I’m planning on watching the old seasons before I start the new show and it’s kind of nice. I can turn it on, forget about my adult responsibilities, and just feel like a kid again.

And then I recently watched In the Heights on HBO Max and oh my gosh, it’s so good! I could watch this movie endlessly and it makes me miss Broadway so much! I’m so glad they’re reopening in September because I’m about to plan a week long trip to New York next summer for BookCon, Broadway shows, and some quality time with my friends.

What are you currently reading and/or watching? Any fun new books/shows/movies I should check out?


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