May ’21 TBR

Another month, another TBR! May seems to be the moving month for me and while I want to get ahead of my TBR, I need to be realistic. So this month, while I’m setting a goal to read certain books, I’m also anticipating I might read nothing. So here are some books I want to read this month and I’m going to try to get through all of them! Wish me luck.

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I feel like I have a really good mix this month. I have a variation of physical and e-books, a mix of genres, and a variation of ages. It’s nice to have a good mix and I hope that I can get through all of these! I keep having to push From Blood and Ash back every time, but I’m really determined to read this damn book this month. I’m making it a priority! Though I might read it closer to when I move because I packed the sequel and if I have to wait to read what happens next (especially after everyone’s reaction), we might have a problem.

I also have a few review copies that showed up recently that I want to get to, like The Wolf and the Woodsman and Spells Trouble. I’m so excited to read those, I don’t know if I can wait!

What books are you planning to read in May? Do you set a TBR or do you choose in the moment? I like to have set books to reach each month, but allow myself to choose when I read them. It gives me structure so I don’t stare at my shelves in dismay while also giving me the freedom to choose.


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