Apr ’21 TBR

Every time I think I’m going to finish my TBR and have time to read extra books, it doesn’t happen. In March, I was halfway through the month and was doing so well, then our offer was accepted on a house and I had zero time and motivation to read.

So for April, even though there are so many books I want to put down on my TBR, I’m sticking with nine. Three are for blog tours, five are all NetGalley books I need to read and review, and one is a TBR book my friends are dying for me to read. If I have extra time available, I am absolutely reading other books as well, but for now I’m going to be realistic. Most likely I’ll be busy with packing and moving and unpacking, so it’s better to keep my expectations low.

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So in total, I have six e-books on my TBR and three physical books that I need/want to read for this month. I was worried I wasn’t going to have enough time for The Stolen Kingdom, since the blog tour was supposed to run next week, but apparently the tour got pushed a couple of weeks, so I have more time to read everything in the beginning of the month! Woo!

I’m hoping I can manage more than nine books in April, but honestly, I don’t even expect to hit this many. Our closing date is April 9th and once that happens, it’s going to be a whirlwind of packing and cleaning and chaos!

Wish me luck!


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