Review: Crush

I read Crave several months ago and fell in love with it. After that ending, I was so curious to see where this series was heading and how we were going to have any more books! I was lucky enough to be accepted to participate in a blog tour for Covet and knew I had to overcome my fear and read Crush.

And oh my gosh – you need to read this book.

If you haven’t read my review of Crave, you can check it out here. This review may contain spoilers for the first book, so be warned!


Crush by Tracy Wolff
Published: September 29, 2020
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 704

Everything feels off—especially me. I’ve returned to Katmere Academy, but I’m haunted by fragments of days I have no recollection of living and struggling to understand who, or what, I really am.

Just when I start to feel safe again, Hudson is back with a vengeance. He insists there are secrets I don’t know about, threatening to drive a wedge between Jaxon and me forever. But far worse enemies are at our doorstep.

The Circle is caught in a power play and the Vampire Court is trying to drag me out of my world and into theirs. The only thing Hudson and Jaxon agree on is that leaving Katmere would mean my certain death.

And not only am I fighting for my life, but now everyone else’s is at stake—unless we can defeat an unspeakable evil. All I know is that saving the people I love is going to require sacrifice.

Maybe more than I’m able to give.

The Crave series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Crave
Book #2 Crush
Book #3 Covet
Book #4 Court

There’s so much I could say about this book. I am absolutely in love with this story and can’t wait for more. The journey that Tracy brings us on left me breathless and I was screaming during the last 100 or so pages of this book. It’s so intense!

Picking up four months after the end of Crave, Grace has finally woken up from her gargoyle induced stone cage. And, along with having no memory of those four months, Grace comes to find out she was trapped with Hudson – who is still currently trapped inside her head. Grace, Jaxon, Macy, and Flint work together to find out how to get Hudson out of her head and keep him from returning to the world with his powers. With some new friends along the way to help them, we get to dive a little deeper into Hudson’s head and learn more about the mysterious Vega family.

Meanwhile, Grace has to learn how to be a gargoyle since she’s no longer just a human girl in a school of paranormals. It’s very intense and emotional and I’m obsessed. I loved Grace’s journey and her struggle grappling with the boy in her head (literally) and the boy right in front of her. Plus, I loved Grace even more in this book. I felt like her personality was kind of annoying in the first book, but she was way more bearable and less cringy in this book. Hudson is so charming and funny, I found myself giggling and blushing during their conversations, versus when Grace talks with Jaxon, I’ve begun rolling my eyes. It’s the unfortunate Tamlin the Tool love interest shift and I definitely wasn’t expecting that.

I loved the twist and turn of events and the fact that we don’t really know Hudson, only what people have said he’s done. Getting a chance to hear his side of the story made a lot of sense and after the events of this book, I’m so excited for the next two books! Oh my gosh I’m so excited. I wasn’t sure where this book was going with the Hudson/Jaxon drama, but I quickly went from loving Jaxon to shipping Hudson and Grace together. Maybe it’s the British accent, maybe it’s the sarcasm and humor, but I quickly fell in love with Hudson and I can’t imagine having ever shipped Grace and Jaxon together.

One of my favorite things in this book is the event that the students get to participate in – which I really can’t remember the name of it. I started A Court of Silver Flames immediately after finishing Crush and before I could write a full review, sorry! But I loved the aspect of this magical game and the intense action from training and the games. It was so fun to watch everyone compete and the intense strategy that goes into this game. I’m a huge strategy game nerd and so anticipating moves and thinking of how to beat the game was so much fun!

I have so many theories and thoughts on what’s going to happen in Covet and I can’t wait to receive my copy for the book tour! I’m probably going to end up binge reading it to find out what happens so wish me luck.

If this series sounds interesting, be sure to check out Covet, which comes out on March 2, 2021! 

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