December 2020 Mid-Month Update

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe 2021 is in THREE WEEKS. That is way too soon for comfort! I can’t believe the disaster that was 2020 is almost over and while I’m so excited for it to not be 2020 anymore, I’m also terrified of what’s to come.

So, what better way to distract myself from the chaos of the New Year than with a mid-month update!

Books I Read

51475325    53402403    53138253

Books I’m Reading

52167568    31520883. sy475

Books I Want to Read

51075452    51256637    49247031

52448445    42732645. sy475     40877706. sy475

53138119    52750517

As you can see, I am behind once again. I’m not sure how I’m going to pull off reading all of these books, even with an entire week and a half off from work at the end of the year. I was supposed to read most of these books before picking up sky, but I couldn’t resist – I waited too long for this ending and I literally couldn’t focus on reading Rebel Sisters because I just wanted to pick up Sky and read it. I’m hoping to do some staggered reading, like I did earlier this year. 100 pages of this, 10% of this, or whatever in order to get through my books quickly instead of just bingeing one and then moving on and hoping I don’t fall into a slump.

I’m also curious if I’ll get any books for the Holidays, since that might impact my reading schedule for the month. Either way, I’m trying to get through as many as possible and hopefully I can finish all of these books by December 31st!


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