November 2020 Mid-Month Update

It’s that time of the month! Here is my mid-month update with all the books I read, the books I’m reading, and the books I plan to read for the month of November!

Books I read

51475353    52277788. sy475     43908050. sy475

Books I’m reading

40580686     52581147

Books I want to read

39863517    45046687    51256637

51475325    52167568    49247031

I’m off to a poor start this month. Usually, I’m at least 5 or more books in, but with NaNoWriMo going on, I’m falling behind. It took me a while to read these books because all my free time has gone to writing my book, plotting my book, and then maybe getting to read a few pages. I plan to manage my time better to try and read all of these quickly. I don’t want to get too hung up on reading any particular book, but some of these I really need to read this month!

So far, all the books I’ve read this month have been 5 // 5 stars for me, which makes me so happy! I’m hoping that that trend continues for all the other books I read too. So far, I’m not very far into either book I’ve started, because NaNo, but I’m hoping I can dedicate some time to knocking them out!

What are some books you’ve read this month that you really liked? Any you’re looking forward to reading? 

I have a Ko-fi account! If you like my content and want to help me fund my own domain or just wants to send me a gift, I’ve linked it here! Thanks to anyone who checks it out!


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