ARC Review: Rebel Rose

I am so excited for the review I’m doing today! This was a highly anticipated book for me and I freaked out when I was approved for it on NetGalley!

Today I am reviewing The Queen’s Council: Rebel Rose by Emma Theriault. I received a copy for review from NetGalley and Disney Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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Synopsis from Goodreads:

Happily ever after is only the beginning as Belle takes on the responsibility of becoming queen and learns to balance duty, love, and sacrifice, all while navigating dark political intrigue—and a touch of magic.

It’s 1789 and France is on the brink of revolution. Belle has finally broken the Enchantress’s curse, restoring the Beast to his human form and bringing life back to their castle in the province of Aveyon. But in Paris, the fires of change are burning, and it’s only a matter of time before the rebellion arrives on their doorstep.

Not so very long ago, Belle dreamed of leaving her provincial home for a life of adventure. But now she finds herself living in a palace, torn between her past as a commoner, and her future as royalty. While Belle grapples with her newfound position, there are those who would do anything to keep her from power.

When she stumbles across a magic mirror that holds a dire warning, Belle wants nothing more than to ignore the mysterious voice calling her to accept a crown she never desired. But violent factions of the revolution may already be lurking within her own castle, and doing nothing would endanger everything she holds dear. With the fate of her country, her love, and her life at stake, Belle must decide if she is ready to embrace her own strength–and the magic that ties her to so many female rulers before her–to become the queen she is meant to be.

Rebel Rose is the first in the Queen’s Council series, an empowering fairy tale reimagining of the Disney Princesses-and the real history behind their stories-like you’ve never seen before.

Belle has always been one of my favorite Disney princesses. From our love of reading, to our ferocity and independence, I have always seen myself in Belle. So getting approved for this book and reading what happened to Belle and the Beast after the curse is broken was heavenly. And to top it off, it’s set during the French Revolution and historically accurate? I already knew this was going to be a winner for me.

And I was right! I absolutely adored this book! I loved that it was historically accurate. I loved the characters. The setting. Everything! Reading this book felt like coming home, and it kind of was since we got to see what happens to Belle and the Beast (Lio) after the curse is broken. One thing I loved the most about this book is the story of the enchantress.

We don’t know much about her in the original movie except that she asked for aid, the Beast denied it, and as his punishment she cursed his kingdom. I love how Emma takes that story and builds on it. We see that perception can often give different meanings to the same tale, and it changed the whole dynamic of this story! Plus, with the original characters like Cogsworth, Chip, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts there to cheer up Belle, it made me so happy. The entire time I read this book I was absolutely infatuated with everything going on and had the biggest smile on my face.

The story itself was also amazing. The original Disney characters all kept their tone and personality in this story. It felt like someone had taken the finished script, the part after the wedding, and printed it in a book. Belle had that independence, her wits, and her kindness while Lio was not only kind, but had that same sense of humor and slight temper. Emma does an amazing job replicating the same personalities as the movie characters making the transition so smooth.

What can I say other than I absolutely loved this book, especially the historical aspects included. To see how Belle and Lio (The Beast) handle the French Revolution, as royals themselves, was so interesting. I found myself unable to stop reading as I wanted to experience more of this book. By the end I was almost in tears. This book captured my love for Beauty and the Beast and fostered it on the page. Thank you for letting me experience more of this world! I adored it.

Clearly, I loved this book so much. This was a strong star-1star-1star-1star-1star-1 // 5 stars for me and I hope I can read more from Emma soon!

Rebel Rose is now available for purchase! If you’re interesting in ordering a copy for yourself, you can find it at any major realtor, or you can just click here.

If this book sounds interesting, check out As Old As Time by Liz Braswell for a Beauty & the Beast retelling or The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi.

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