Book Tag: What’s On My Bookshelf?

I thought I had a post scheduled for today, but I didn’t. This was a tag sitting in my drafts that is mostly completed, so I guess this will have to do! Feel free to tag me in your responses if you decide to do this tag. 

Tag was found on Flora’s Musings but original post is from Sajiid @ Books Are My Social Life 

How many bookshelves do you have?

Technically I have 8, but only 3 in my apartment at this time. The other 5 are at my parent’s house in my old bedroom.

How many books are on your bookshelves?

That’s like asking how many grains of rice are in a cup. I’m sure I could count it, but it would take a very long time! I assume I have around 500 books or so? Possibly more. 

How do you organize your books?

I like to organize them by author and genre. I keep fantasy’s together, thrillers together, stuff like that. I also like to organize by height so it’s seamless. And then I have a TBR shelf which is organized by release date and height for ARCs, and then height for published copies. 

second shelf

What is the oldest book on your shelf?

Uhhhhh – I have no idea. Probably like 10-15 years old (that I’ve owned), but I do own a copy of a book that is about 40 years old I think which is a 1980’s leather printed copy of A Tale of Two Cities by Mark Twain. 

What is the newest book on your shelf?

I just received an ARC of Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly! 


What is the longest book on your bookshelf?

I have no idea, maybe Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas? That’s almost 1,000 pages right? 

What is the shortest book on your shelf?

42356928. sy475

It’s just over 200 pages long. 

What is the most predominant genre on your bookshelves?

Fantasy. By far!!

Have you done a bookshelf tour?

Yes and no. I did one for my TBR shelf in my apartment, but a full tour has not been done simply because when I thought about doing one I had already moved and that meant I lost more than half of my shelves for a tour. But, one day I will be reunited with my books and my shelves and I will do a tour!

Use a random number generator and talk about the book that corresponds with that number.

I got number 83 – not sure how that could correspond since I don’t have my shelves to count out 83 books, but let’s look at Goodreads!

51182650. sy475

This comes up as the 83rd most recent book that I’ve read! I really loved this book and I’ll link my review of it here!

Do you have fan merch or decorations on your bookshelves?

Oh yes! I have candles, art prints, other knick knacks on my shelf that I use to decorate. 

Show us your bookshelves!

Ok! Here’s a somewhat outdated picture of my current TBR shelf in my apartment. If you want to see the other 5 bookshelves, that might have to wait . . .

full shelf

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