Exposing My TBR Shelf

Since moving into my apartment, I have acquired three new bookshelves, one in my bedroom and two in my guest room. The shelf in my bedroom serves as my TBR shelf – all of the physical books that I haven’t read yet and need to. No, this does not include the 500 or so books at my parents house that I may or may not have read yet, but we’re just going to ignore those . . .

So I thought, why not expose my TBR shelf?

I’ve been awful about reading books in a timely manner so the TBR shelf has really helped me figure out what books I have or haven’t read. And once I’ve finished with a book, I can just run over to the shelf and pick up a new one! It’s great!

It’s also really full!! 

I have my shelf organized in three sections:

First row: ARCs

first shelf

These are all the unread physical ARCs I’ve brought with me from home or have acquired since moving. I have them organized by height and then by date. So if you can see, it goes from War Girls (October 2019) to Poisoned (October 2020) then to taller books with the same layout. 

I actually really like it this way because not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it means I can see which books are the oldest by looking at the start of their respective heights. So the oldest short book is War Girls, the oldest medium book is The Guinevere Deception, and the oldest tall book is Havenfall

Second row: Finished copies

second shelf

Underneath the ARCs are the finished copies! These also go by height because aesthetics are important. So I have paperbacks, then short hardcovers, then medium hardcovers, then tall! After taking these pictures I was able to put the paperbacks up on the ARC shelf with the Addie LaRue box inbetween to make room for some more finished copies, so it’s less cluttered now. 

I also realized I should have moved all the knick knacks off my shelf BEFORE taking pictures, but I’m dumb so I apologize. The four blocked books on the second shelf are Supernova by Marissa Meyer, Skyward and Starsight by Brandon Sanderson, and Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare. 

Third row: Miscellaneous book crap and extra space in case row one or two fills up!

full shelf

The last row contains a bag of tote bags, a bag of bookmarks, books that are going to my friend Alexa/giving away, and other crap. I have the TBR cart next to it too in case that self overflows, but I have plenty of room right now!

Currently, I am reading The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White, so that’s another book down on my TBR shelf! And I plan to read War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi next!

Let me know what your TBR looks like. These are just some of the physical books I need to read – the rest are at my parent’s house or on my kindle! 

I have a Ko-fi account! If you like my content and want to help me fund my own domain or just wants to send me a gift, I’ve linked it here! Thanks to anyone who checks it out!


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