October 2020 Mid-Month Update

It’s time for another mid-month update! This month has been absolutely wild and I’m shocked I was able to read as much as I have. I still have a long way to go, especially since October TBR is trying to kill me, but I’m proud of myself!

Books I Read

53174067    41187447    50622362

50440900. sy475     49090460    55098686


Books I’m Reading

42119263. sx318     51862594. sx318 sy475

Books I want to read

51475353    50892027    39863517

39805610    52277788. sy475     43568394

How have I read seven books this month? No, really, I’m genuinely asking, how?? Cause I’m pretty sure last month I only read about eight or nine books total and now I just went full focus mode huh?

Well, regardless of why, I’m so proud of myself! All of these books have been so good (except for one DNF) and I’m so excited for these other books! I’m hoping that next month can be a bit more relaxed and I can read non-review books. I really want to finish the Daevabad Trilogy but I can’t do that with no free reading time, so we’ll see. Wish me luck that I can finish all of these by the end of the month!

What’s been your favorite book in October so far? I think my favorite would be a tie between Skyhunter and Among the Beasts & Briars. They’re such good books and they both blew me out of the water! Beyond the Ruby Veil was a close runner up too!

I have a Ko-fi account! If you like my content and want to help me fund my own domain or just wants to send me a gift, I’ve linked it here! Thanks to anyone who checks it out!


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