November 2020 TBR

Since I’m doing NaNoWriMo in November, my focus for reading is getting through the upcoming November releases I need to read. I have lots of NetGalley ARCs that I need to get through and read so I’ll basically only be reading those!

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Review: The Guinevere Deception

I have had an ARC of The Guinevere Deception sitting on my shelf since June 2019, staring at me. Finally, I picked it up and started reading it then *boom* – I get the ARC of Camelot Betrayal and it’s game time.

It took some time for me to get through and read this book, but not because it was bad. The opposite. It was amazing.

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Series I Haven’t Finished Yet

I am a culprit in starting series and not finishing them. Sometimes, it’s because other books come out and I forget to read the new ones. Other times, I’ve been destroyed by one book that I refuse the read the rest until the series is complete.

Here are some series that I haven’t finished yet!

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Exposing My TBR Shelf

Since moving into my apartment, I have acquired three new bookshelves, one in my bedroom and two in my guest room. The shelf in my bedroom serves as my TBR shelf – all of the physical books that I haven’t read yet and need to. No, this does not include the 500 or so books at my parents house that I may or may not have read yet, but we’re just going to ignore those . . .

So I thought, why not expose my TBR shelf?

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Currently Reading & Watching: Part III

October has been a crazy month and while I’ve been reading a lot, I’m also doing a lot of work on the book tours, my actual job, and other adult things. You know, like cooking, cleaning, crying because I’m stressed – the usual!

Anyways, I wanted something light to post today, so here’s what I’m currently reading and watching!

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ARC Review: Kingdom of the Wicked

I finished Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco in the beginning of September and wrote my review immediately after, but wanted to wait until AFTER the #GetWickedTour ended to post my review. Thank you JIMMY Patterson Books for sending me a copy! We’re so thankful you got to be our first ever tour! 

I’m going to be formatting my post as if I am a part of the blog tour, though technically, I’m not. So if you’re confused, sorry about that! It’s just a fun way for me to include everything and express my love for this book!

If you haven’t been following along, please take a minute to check out the other posts from the tour and give the bloggers and bookstagrammers some love! You can access the schedule here

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My Favorite Book Bloggers

On Wednesday (10/7), book twitter went wild after an author ranted about a blogger asking for payment to review their book.

That’s a discussion for another day though.

In that rant, lots of people talked about supporting book bloggers as we are generally overworked, under appreciated, and usually the first group people shit on when discussing compensation. So today, I want to take the time and shout out some of my favorite book bloggers!

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ARC Review: A Golden Fury

I received a copy of A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe from NetGalley and Wednesday Books in exchange for an honest review.

I found myself unable to put this book down while I was reading it. It’s an intense read that asks a lot of philosophical questions. A lush realistic fantasy that warns the readers – what will you give up for power?

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September 2020 Wrap Up

I didn’t read nearly as much this month as I did the previous months. And that’s okay. But you know what’s not okay? The fact that I can’t format this post like the rest of my posts because, for whatever reason, WordPress is messing up the formatting no matter what I do! So this post is going to look different and I’m sorry about that. I hate it too.

Anyways, here’s what I read in the month of September!

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