The Bookaholic Anonymous Book Tag

I found this tag on A Rambling Reviewer site and I was pulled in so fast. I too am a Bookaholic and this tag just seemed to call to meIf anyone decides to do this tag, feel free to tag me in your post or let me know in the comments! I would love to see your responses!

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What do you like about buying books?

I love having new books and titles in my apartment. When I look at my bookshelf and see new colors and titles, it makes me so happy. And it gives me motivation to read because it’s new. It’s kind of bad, but what can I say? It’s the truth. 

How often do you buy books?

It really depends. Some months I buy more than others, but I try to keep it down to once a month. Twice at the most.

Bookstore or online book shopping – which do you prefer?

So I love shopping in a bookstore, but I actually tend to do more of my shopping online since I’ll order signed, special editions or preorder from online stores. Or even from other countries. So while I love wandering a bookstore and taking home an entire stack of books, realistically I do more of my shopping online.

Do you have a favourite bookshop?

Besides Barnes & Noble, the only other bookstore I have anywhere close is in another state. But, it’s an indie store that I love to order from called One More Page Books. I love their shop and I actually found them through an event. Their customer service is amazing and when things are less crazy, I definitely plan to have a little road trip down to check out their physical store!

Do you pre-order books?

Sometimes. I usually only preorder special or signed editions. But for regular hardcover/e-books I tend to try and buy them at the lowest price, which is usually not during preorder or release week. I know I should buy more books during release week or before that, but – money!

Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

Usually I say no more than $100 – which covers OwlCrate, Fairyloot, and one book/preorder. Some months I spend less, other months I spend way more. . . *cue me crying over the $350 I spent in September on books*

Book buying bans – are they something for you?

They need to be for me because I spent SO MUCH MONEY on books in September. To be fair, a lot of it was preorders that just charged my card all at the same time. And I never know if a store/business charges immediately or on release day. It’s always a fun surprise! But no, typically I’m good enough with budgeting that I don’t need a ban, but maybe I should go on one for the next few months to make up for this disaster.

How big is your wishlist?

Endless. Every time I think I’m done adding books onto it, I see a new title or new author that I just have to have. And then the list continues to grow!

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