Book Tag: Would You Rather

This tag is originally from Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars but I first saw it on Lori @ The Reading Fairy‘s site and knew I had to do it!

I haven’t done a book tag in a little bit and this one looked so fun! Plus, my reading has started to slow down and I definitely need some more content on my blog. I hope you guys like this post!

Would you rather only read ebooks or audiobooks?

I can live without audiobooks. I only recently got into them, so it won’t be something that I’ll miss too much. I couldn’t live without ebooks though.

Would you rather kiss the villain of your favorite book/series or hurt your favorite character?

Kiss the villain – absolutely! I wouldn’t be able to hurt my favorite character, but if I needed to kiss the villain, I can take a hit for the team.

Would you rather read all the books you want every single month but barely remember the plot or read two books a month but remember everything about them?

This is tough, because I read a lot of books and sometimes I don’t retain everything, but it would be nice to remember everything in detail. I would have to say the second option, cause while I’m reading less, I would actually remember what’s going on in the books!

Would you rather read a book you love while listening to an album you hate or read a book you hate while listening to an album you love?

I would rather listen to an album I love while reading a book I hate. I don’t think I could tune out an album I hate while reading, but I can pretend to read a book I hate! Plus, good music can make even the worst book bearable.

Would you rather be able to go to your favorite fantasy world but no one can see you or go to a fantasy world you hate but everyone can see you?

I would love to go to my favorite fantasy world with no one seeing me. That means I can follow my favorite characters around without being hunted or dying! Theoretically…

Would you rather only read historical fiction novels or sci-fi?

I would only read science fiction.

Would you rather only read the books but never watch the movie/TV show adaptations or only watch the adaptations but never read the books?

I would rather read the books than watch the movies. The books are better anyways.

Would you rather only read backlist titles or new releases?

Ugh this one is hard. I have a lot of backlist titles to get through, but being able to read new releases immediately is great. But, soon “new releases” would become backlist titles, so I could read them eventually!

Would you rather only read standalones or series?

Series. More to love in each world.

Would you rather always be able to guess the twist, or never being able to guess the twist?

I would rather never being able to guess the twist – it makes it more of a surprise for me!

Nobody tagged me in this, so I’m not going to tag anyone. Just be sure to tag me if you do this so I can see your response! 

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