ARC Review: White Fox

I received an eARC of White Fox by Sara Faring from Fierce Reads in exchange for an honest review.

I have been on such a thriller kick lately that this book sounded like exactly what I wanted to read. A ten year old disappearance? A chance to investigate what really happened? Spooky, creepy clues as to what may have happened popping up? It was too interesting to resist – and I loved it!


Here is the synopsis from Goodreads:

After their world-famous actor mother disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Manon and Thaïs left their remote Mediterranean island home—sent away by their pharma-tech tycoon father. Opposites in every way, the sisters drifted apart in their grief. Yet their mother’s unfinished story still haunts them both, and they can’t put to rest the possibility that she is still alive.

Lured home a decade later, Manon and Thaïs discover their mother’s legendary last work, long thought lost: White Fox, a screenplay filled with enigmatic metaphors. The clues in this dark fairytale draw them deep into the island’s surreal society, into the twisted secrets hidden by their glittering family, to reveal the truth about their mother—and themselves.

Our two main characters, Thaïs (Tai) and Manon (Nons), are sisters and daughters of legendary actress Mirielle Foix Hammick. A dignified star who everyone thinks they know – but do they really?

One thing I loved was how the stories their mother told and her screenplay were incorporated in this book. We open up with a story, newspaper clippings, and other background information on who Mirielle is and who her family is. Then, we jump into the story.

While I was annoyed with Tai’s character at first, she proves that influencers, their lives, and what they put out into the world is only a drop in the bucket of who they are. While phone addicted and a little self absorbed, Tai also shows that she’s in tune with other people, always willing to jump in to help, and can make light of a situation as needed. And Manon? She comes across as very shy, has an overinflated ego, and a little mean towards Tai. But then we come to find she’s also very strong, is aching for people to adore her like her sister, and generally an inquisitive person.

I really loved these dichotomies, not only as sisters, but between the beginning and the end of the book. It just proves that people will show what they want to show and there’s always more hiding under the surface.

And in regards to how they act towards each other? Depends on the minute. As the oldest of three sisters, I could see myself doing/saying the things Manon said and my sisters acting like Tai too. Their interactions are relatable, if not sad at times.

Now, the actual plot – I really liked it! I love the mystery around their mother, her disappearance, and her past. The fact that the more they dig, the less they know. It was well set up, thrilling at the end, and had a great ending. I love the incorporation of the script in their search and trying to figure out who relates to who between fiction and reality.

If you’re looking for a thriller that isn’t paranormal or focused around a murder/murderer, you’ll really like this book! It takes place in 2019 with some added technologies. Overall, well thought out, great ending, and great characters. star-1star-1star-1star-1 // 5 stars!

White Fox releases on September 22nd, 2020 and I’ve linked my indie bookshop if you’re interested in preordering a copy!

If this book sounds interesting, check out Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power or Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour. 

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