September 2020 Mid-Month Update

This month is full of books I need to read for blog tours and for review before publication. It’s kind of stressful, but I’m also really enjoying the books I’ve read, so it’s not a chore for me. Here’s some of the books I read this month, the books I’m currently reading, and the books I plan to read next!

Books I Read

45044785    52739036. sy475     42281659. sy475

52735921. sx318 sy475     52750504

Books I’m Reading

50623864    44244775

Books I Plan to Read

48713842    41187447    51075440

50622362    43473596. sy475

Five of the remaining books I need to read are ebooks, which means I can’t read multiple at a time unfortunately. I usually like to read 2-3 books at once, but that only works with physical or a mix of physical and ebooks. I’m not sure how quickly I will be able to get through the other books, but I’m going to try reading them as quickly as possible. Especially since three of the remaining books are for blog tours…

How’s your reading going this month? What’s been your favorite book so far in September?

I have a Ko-fi account! If you like my content and want to help me fund my own domain or just wants to send me a gift, I’ve linked it here! Thanks to anyone who checks it out!


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