Cutting Ties

As many may have seen on Twitter, the tour company, FFBC (Flying Fantastic Book Club), has recently made racists remarks, attacked a POC reviewer who called them out, and then posted private information about said reviewer as retaliation. While they brushed the remarks off as “ignorance” and claimed to educate themselves (also claiming the issue had been resolved) – their recent actions have proven there is no allyship within this company and that they are not a company to work with.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 1.35.03 PM.png

I do not support or condone racists remarks or actions and therefore have cut ties with this company.

Nor do I support or condone sharing private, personal information as a retaliation or attack against anyone or in general.

FFBC has also claimed on Twitter they will sue anyone who has participated in “defamation” and will take legal action against anyone who has spoken out against them. Which of course they then deleted, trying to cover their tracks. I do not feel comfortable working with a company who participates in hurting POC content creators, then threatens them when they speak out, and refuses to accept the harm they have caused.

These actions are despicable and unacceptable. I will no longer be affiliated with this company or any similar company or persons.

I previously participated in their The Boundless blog tour before this situation occurred and was scheduled to participate in their tour for A Wicked Magic and Splinters of Scarlett. I have already emailed FFBC informing them I would not be participating in these tours.

I will still be reviewing these books and promoting them on my Twitter and blog to support the book and the author.

I encourage anyone who is still in partnership with this company to cut ties.  I will no longer be working with this company and encourage others not to work with them as well. 



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