June 2020 Mid-Month Update

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So far, I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve read this month! Some of these books I started at the end of May and finished in the beginning of June, but I’m counting them! My goal is to read eight books this month and so far, I’ve done really well and I’ll definitely going to meet that goal. Let’s just hope I continue reading such amazing stories for the rest of this month.

What I read

45860336    50158128. sx318 sy475     52748041. sx318 sy475     grave

bloodleaf   greythorne     52746973. sx318 sy475

What I’m reading

42754035. sy475   45184250

What I plan to read

45892228     40516960     40211753. sy475     36575823

32718027     17699853

I’m surprised I am able to read so much this month. Before moving in I thought I would have no time to read and would be lucky to get through 2 books a week. But it looks like I’m getting through a book about every other day or so, which is awesome! I hope to continue to have as much reading time going forward and hopefully, you’ll be seeing reviews of these books soon!

What books are you currently reading? Are you close to your goal for this month?






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