ApollyCon 2020 + Giveaway!

***Just a reminder: If you want to be entered to win one of the 4 bags or if you’re an international reader, you NEED to enter and do the task via the Rafflecopter. If you do the tasks and don’t track them in the Rafflecopter, you won’t be counted as a possible winner.

So I’m a bit peeved at COVID-19 because, well, everything. I had planned to go to ApollyCon 2020 and was so upset when the event was cancelled. This would have been my first time going to this event and I was so excited to see some of my favorite authors and meet new authors, but alas, it was not meant to be. While I am in support of Jen’s decision to cancel the event and move it online, I’m still really sad I wasn’t able to experience it in full, but I loved the online experience. Getting to hear from different authors and the different giveaways they did were so much fun! While ApollyCon 2021 is not confirmed, I really hope it can put be on and I can experience the event for myself next year.

While ApollyCon may have been cancelled, the fun continues on! I am so excited to be able to co-host this HUGE ApollyCon giveaway with Alexa over at Writing the Universe. I met Alexa just after ApollyCon 2019 and we quickly became friends after meeting up for a trade. Her giveaway last year looked like so much fun that I had to participate this year.

For 2020 we are giving away FOUR ApollyCon prize bags. Each will contain a mixture of books, ARCs, ApollyCon swag, and book box swag. There will also be TWO international giveaway winners who will receive a choice of a Jen Armentrout book through Book Depository (if BD ships to them) or a kindle copy of her newest book From Blood and Ash!

I will post the Terms and Conditions of the giveaway below, but I wanted to post a sneak peak of some of the items you could win!




We will be randomly choosing the winners through Rafflecopter and I will provide a link in my post. Here are the terms and conditions for this giveaway:

This Giveaway is split between my blog Lady and Star and my friend Alexa’s blog, Writing the Universe. We each will post 2 of the 4 ApollyCon Bags. These bags are what were included with the purchase of a Titan ticket for the event, plus extra books and book box swag. These bags are packed completely full of books and bookish items. Each bag is a mix of genres, fandom, and items. Each bag is different but may share similar/same items.

4 winners will be chosen, but you do not get to choose your bag.

There is a list of 10 things you can do to enter this giveaway, 5 of them are mandatory, the other 5 are bonuses – giving you a possibility for 10 total entries.

These are mandatory:

  1. Follow Lady and Star (My Blog)
  2. Follow Writing the Universe (Alexa’s Blog)
  3. Follow Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Twitter (@JLArmentrout)
  4. Follow my Twitter (@SuchABadBASS)
  5. Follow Alexa’s Twitter (@lexacourtney)
    *Email followers count as well; you do not need to have a WordPress account to qualify. We just have to be able to determine you are actually following our blogs

Extra Entries:

  1. Retweet Pinned Giveaway Tweet on My Twitter
  2. Retweet Pinned Giveaway Tweet on Alexa’s Twitter
  3. Follow My Blog Twitter (@ladyandstar)
  4. Comment on this post with your favorite JLA Book
  5. Comment on Alexa’s Giveaway post with your favorite JLA Book

All of these tasks are listed in the Rafflecopter, as well as all the terms and conditions listed below.

Here is the link to enter! RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY


This Giveaway is going to run from April 6, 2020 8 AM EST, to April 27, 2020 12:00 AM EST . Winners will be announced April 29, and notified via email with a Google Doc to fill out.

***Due to circumstances surrounding COVID -19 and various forms of Stay At Home Directives in place, we will notify you when we are able to ship. Of course, we will do our best to get them out as soon as possible after announcing the winners.



We will be checking, and you will be blocked from any future giveaways.

For the 4 Apollycon 2020 Bags

Bags contain a mix of Apollycon 2020 books and swag, plus a variety of ARCs and Book Box swag. Each bag is different, but there may be some similarities. The above photos contain what you may receive, but are not a guarantee of what will be included in your prize if you win.

– Must be US residents with a US mailing address

– Must be 18+ or have a parent’s permission

The four Apollycon bags will ship in a Medium Flat Rate USPS Box.

We wanted to include our international friends in this giveaway, while keeping it Apollycon related. Since Jen, the creator of Apollycon, surprise released a new book at the end of March, we wanted to give people a chance to acquire it.

For the 2 Books* – 2 Winners

*This is for International People ONLY, please do not enter if you are a US resident!

– Must be 18+ or have a parent’s permission

– If Book Depository ships to your country, you can chose any Jennifer L. Armentrout Book up to $15, OR get a Kindle version of her Newest Book FROM BLOOD AND ASH.

All the same rules apply, 10 possible entries, but only 5 are mandatory. If chosen as a winner, you will be notified via email with a Google Doc to fill out.

Alexa and I are so excited to be able to put on this giveaway for you and wish everyone the best of luck!

***If/when you head over to Alexa’s blog, you’re going to see a lot of the same information. Know that it doesn’t mean double, the Rafflecopter’s are the same, with all of the same tasks. It does not matter which link you click on, or who’s blog you access it from.

Thanks for entering! ❤



18 thoughts on “ApollyCon 2020 + Giveaway!

  1. RobynH says:

    I’m so sorry about it being cancelled and you not getting to attend your first Apollycon. COVID-19 has messed up so many plans. My daughter’s first cheerabilities competitive season abruptly came to an end, and they were going to Finals for the first time 😦 But a huge thank you for this amazing giveaway and the chance to enter! One of my top favorite Jennifer L. Armentrout books is Wicked!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady and Star says:

      Yeah it was definitely a disappointment. I’m sorry about your daughters season being cancelled, that sucks! And thanks for entering!


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