My Reaction to Ember #4 Reveal

OH SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENED TODAY! If you follow Sabaa Tahir or have read An Ember in the Ashes, then you know the final book is coming out at the end of the year and THE COVER HAD JUST BEEN REVEALED!!

The title we have all been waiting for has finally been revealed. AEITA #4 is officially called:

A Sky Beyond the Storm

YO I AM HYPED!! This book comes out in December 1st, 2020 – which also happens to be my birthday, so I am extra excited!

If anyone needs me I’m going to be rereading the first 3 books in preparation for the final and hopefully my heart won’t be too broken. But with Sanaa’s stories, we all know we’re going to be crushed.






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2 thoughts on “My Reaction to Ember #4 Reveal

    • Lady and Star says:

      I just realized I missed this comment, sorry about that! Spring recommendations as in books that are coming out in the spring? I would say Deck of Omens (Devouring Grey 2), Crave, and the Kingdom of Back. If you’re looking for spring feeling books I would check out Caraval, My Lady Jane, and Serpent & Dove.


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